Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fact Check?

Talking of irresponsible blogging, and not applying the same standard of criticism to your own arguments as you would to the assertions of your opponents...Wow, what fun it is! Spent a large chunk of last night in a libertarian bitch-fest which resulted in not much that I can remember, save for this:

There were 2000 officials responsible for running the British Raj. There are 5000 officials running the Isle of Wight.

I've tried to check this out, but have run up against various walls. If anyone knows better, do tell, but it afforded just the right amount of outrage and indignation at the time.


Almost Lazarus said...

google toolbar is great for quick-draw-internet-war-fact-checking. Set it to open in a "new window" for even faster achilles tendon cutting.

Carlotta said...

Thanks...will have a go...

Anonymous said...

"libertarian bitch-fest"

You know how so many Christians would stone Christ without a moment's hesitation if He returned to us? Why are so many of the libertarians I come across so small minded?

I believe it was William Blake, or possibly Terry Venables, who said:

Do what you will,
This world's a fiction
And is made up of contradiction.

And if you can't trust a) a man who saw angels in trees or b) a wandering football manager, then who *can* you?