Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bad Publicity

It's very hard to bring oneself to link to the latest bit of Channel 4 rubbish supposedly about home ed, but actually clearly initiated in response to press releases from First College, an on-line school and therefore not about HE in the UK as we know it.

The on-line school angle leaves HE apparently wide open to the oldest redundant criticism you can imagine...the socialisation issue, which was left completely unanswered.

The telly nearly landed up in the garden, frankly. It's all so unjust: we spent that day in the company of some forty others of all ages, mixing with such an intensity of happiness and complexity that any school play ground situation would pale in the comparison.

And of course, there is no duty upon LEA's to visit all HEors. This is a misrepresentation of the law.

It is interesting that they got Chris Woodhead in on this piece with it's sex offender angle.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone worry about people that come out of prison not being able to socialise anymore?

I think more than trying to prove HE'ers get to socialise more, we should fight that nutsy concept. Why would anyone need to be around people all the time, especially people they don't want to be with?

Yes, I did't say I wouldn't comment anymore, didn't I? ^^;

Carlotta said...

Great to see you are and I agree entirely with the other line you mention which we could also take.

Anonymous said...

Homophobes are evil, these bullies should be treated thee same way they want to treat gays, and mocked, and humilated, and when they say help us, the respionse, back should be, "oh but what about free speech, i thought people were allowed to say anything" the best would be humilating homophobic police