Monday, January 16, 2006

Pet Hate Assumptions

And in what looks like a bid to stir things up all over again, here are two of my pet hate statements that I also happen to have heard in the last 10 mins.

1. That death is inevitable.

2. That Darwinism is the most serious challenge to creationism and it's anthropocentric implications , when we have physicists taking multiverse theory more and more seriously by the day. These other universes would not have the same physical constants that make life a possibility in our universe and there are billions of these...

Do tell of your pet hate statements of the last 10 mins!


Anonymous said...

have just heard a not very intellectual one that I really hate "I don't suffer fools..."


Anonymous said...'s one...from Right-wing MSM = that everybody else in GB is insanely awe-struck by minor celebs. I've yet to meet a single real person this applies to.

Carlotta said...

Yes, both of those get to me too...and that is after three rather large glasses.

Mrs Loveday said...

"I hear you" is one of mine!

Anonymous said...

and another one...that violent animal rights protesters should consider it right to take any medicines at all.

Carlotta said...

Ouch, nails down a black board time for "I hear you!"

and yes...I can clearly see your point re animal rights protesters! Is it the case that they don't realise that this should be the implication of their actions?

Anonymous said...

The mix-up between 'new' and 'progress'.

When, during a debate, people assume something - a position or belief or argument - of you. I have, in my time, stood up for asylum seekers on a number of forums. I've lost count of the times I've been told that I want to close old people's homes down to pay for them.

That line advertisers use to make us feel all inclusive and warm - "We all want/like/think X". Gets my teeth a-grinding every time.


Carlotta said...

Hey...this IS cathartic. So far I've identified furiously with every single pet hate! Yep...those assumptions about what others think you've said...Yip, yup, yup..

Adele said...

James -

We have the same pet hates!
Me and my husband have had exactly the same thing re being accused of wanting to close down old people's homes when we stand up for asylum seekers! And the ubiquitous "we all" of advertsing makes my skin crawl!

D- It's "I don't suffer fools gladly" and it's cool! Sorry! LOL


Leo said...

Here's one just now "coercion is a necessary evil".

Anonymous said...


Except that, generally speaking, the people I know who constantly use the 'fools' phrase are the ones who seem foolish!! And, I always feel like saying 'I don't know how you can be so sure that you can spot one anyway...'!