Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happiness and Fury!

In the midst of a general aura of well-being, induced (despite a brain-fogging cold) by a combination of seasonal good cheer, gorgeous, sometimes semi-naked guests (Dh has very wisely built an invigorating shower in an outhouse), days away, nights out, and last but by no means least: a light and airy new kitchen and dining room (huge thanks due to DH who rebuilt all this in about a week), there is but a tiny slither of discomfort that periodically gives rise to a mounting sense of panic.

It is a growing awareness that we simply cannot continue to live with all this redundant bureaucracy, state interference and illegitimate legislation. It's not that I particularly objected to the startling increase in police presence in the capital, where every second car now quite clearly belongs to the Met. It could have more to do with the thought of surveillance satellites in the stratosphere peering in through our attic windows to see if we have added value to our assets. Combine this with the prospect of feeling the effects of the Children Act and its database, and not to forget the effective imprisonment of children which results from the 'Children Missing from Education' initiatives and the general sense of suffocation starts to mount. It reaches crisis point when one considers the news (thanks to Andrew Neil, Spectator for this) that "British public spending has surged from almost 38% of GDP in 2000 to a predicted 44% this year; and a European-style 45% in 2006." Or that regulation has added almost £40 billion to the cost of doing business in this country since 1998...

As Neil goes on to say "Hayek would consider today's levels of European public spending, tax, red tape and state intervention to be in the red zone that is dangerous to economic health." Too right he would.

I could go on but it isn't making me feel any better. The only conclusion seems to be that we must get out of here, damn quick... but where? Europe, despite the temptations and easy connections, is out. We couldn't justify living anywhere in the land of the Euro - and what with Italy and France being in such a state, well that's all a no-go...

You'd think the land of the free may be calling and perhaps I'm being too grouchy for my own good now, but I don't fancy a country where some of the north west is likely to disappear in a cloud of lava, another part of the west coast is going to drop off, a huge wave is going to wipe out the east coast and the president is intent on testing the "mental health" of all teens in schools on the off-chance that they may commit suicide. I also do wonder whether I'd have even more of a problem fitting in in a place where evolution is somehow seen as a big problem for so many Christians. Even I, from my very different perspective, can see that evolution and faith in God are potentially compatible beliefs. How much of a diversion of useful energy does one need?

OK, so it's decided. I love it here. I won't try to persuade the rest of the family to leave this land "sodden towards sundown". Am off to turn and fight.


Clare said...

I also feel increasing levels of panic as the pressure of state interference and surveillance is felt more and more. I've recently had a telephone call from the HV's about Alys' head circumference asking why I haven't brought her to have it re-measured and could I please do so asap!!! They're on to me and it's frightening.


ps. Sorry we didn't make it over to you at Christmas - CP rather took over!

Mrs Loveday said...

We have looked at Canada and Western Australia because we are feeling it too, but I guess like yourself it is such a huge upheaval so I guess I'll be fighting them with you,
Happy new Year,
J x

Carlotta said...

Thank goodness for the few other sane people out there! So many people do seem to be doing the "sleepwalking into a surveillance society" bit.

And thank goodness also, that it looks you both aren't going far, at least for the mo!