Thursday, February 22, 2007

Biometrics in Schools and My MP

Good news...

From my MP:

"I can confirm that I have added my signature to EDM 686 Biotmetric Data Collection in Schools...

Schools around the country are taking and storing data derived from biometrics of pupils as young as infant shcool without seeking parental consent. My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I believe that parental consent should be required before schools collect biometric data.

To this end, the Liberal Democrats are calling for reassurances that the DfES will consult with non-political expert bodies when drafting guidance; wider consultation with all stakeholders, - schools, parents and pupils - to at the very least assuage public fears; and that Parliamentary time be given for consideration of the issue.

Thank you for contacting me regarding this important issue. I will continue to keep you informed of developments. "

See Arch for information on the uselessness of biometrics, and here for information on the Early Day Motion.


Pippa said...

Thanks Carlotta, for getting your MP to sign up to the EDM.

Much appreciated.

Carlotta said...

Have signed the e-petition as well. Will be following this with interest, despite children not being in school, as the culture of the panoptican appears to be affecting us all.