Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Nationalisation of Childhood Jill Kirby looks set to be next on my reading list.

From the press release in 2006:

"Based on the Chancellor’s doctrine of “progressive universalism”, the Government's new strategy enables it to intervene in the lives of all 11 million children in the country in the hope that this will help the most vulnerable of them. But, as recent evidence from Sure Start confirms, this is more likely to divert attention from the most needy, leaving them at greater risk. It also directly contradicts the Prime Minister's stated desire to provide more “personalised and responsive” public services.

"...As Jill Kirby concludes: In the guise of a caring, child-centred administration, this Government is making a radical change in the balance of authority between parents, children and the state. It is nationalising the upbringing of children."

The PDF seems to be working here.


freerangelife said...

One can find the summary PDF here:

I did a site search using "nationalisation" and it popped right up.

I ordered a PDF; it is also available in printed form.

Carlotta said...

Thanks Free Range! Am off to do likewise. Would be interested to know what you think of it.

Terri said...

I sent a pdf copy over to you, Carlotta - did it arrive or is it floating around cyberspace?

Carlotta said...

Dear Terri,

So sorry...I thought I had sent acknowledgement with thanks!'s true. Earlyish onset dementia.

but thank you.

terri said...

No problem - I was simply wondering if I needed to resend it. Glad it reached you OK.