Sunday, February 11, 2007

Public Figures who Home Educate

Starting a collection. I know there are more, but they escape me at present.

So far:

James Bartholomew (Author and journalist)
Janey Lee Grace (Radio 2 presenter)
Jason Robinson (Rugby Union International)
Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia)
John Travolta (actor) (HT: Daryl )
Simon Barnes (Times Chief Sportswriter)
Sting (singer)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Will Smith (actor)


Daryl Cobranchi said...

Another "J"-- John Travolta.

Ron R said...

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have said they plan on homeschooling.

Carlotta said...

Coo...who next!!

Do you know when they would be starting? Is Maddox? old enough soon?

Anonymous said...

Smith (and, possibly, Wales and Grace) aside, is there anyone, you know, sane?


Bishop Hill said...

Simon Barnes, Times journalist.

Carlotta said...

Thanks, Bishop.