Monday, February 12, 2007

Debi and Michel Pearl Still Damaging Schoolhouse Reputation

If you have a spare mo, go tell the editor of why you wouldn't sub to The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

This is what I said:

To the Editor

Since Gina Suarez is a vocal supporter of Michael & Debbie Pearl, who encourage their followers to beat young children with plumbing supplies in order to instil discipline, I support the homeschoolers' boycott of everything associated with TOS and the Pearls.




None said...

It's the editor of not TOS. spammed me with an ad for TOS.

Feel free to delete this comment. I just wanted to get the clarifying info to you.

Carlotta said...

That's a lesson in not doing anything when distracted!! Thanks None!

dottyspots said...

Is this still going on? It really beggars belief!

Carlotta said...

I agree with you Dottyspots. Quite extraordinary. I gather the issue is still current in the makes me almost grateful that we have the law limiting unreasonable chastisement, though I personally think it quite ridiculous that touching an adult without their consent can constitute assault, whereas hitting a child as long as you don't leave a mark doesn't!

Still can't get my head round it!!