Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Regional Workshop for the Midlands Area

There are plenty of campaign workshops going on about the country, but this is the one I'm going to make it to, come hell or high water, so it's getting special publicity here.

If you want to know about other workshops, (for example the one in Sunderland, on March 3rd) you can go to the Freedom for Children to Grow Website, which will carry the details of workshops as they are confirmed.

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Agenda: Discussion of DfES CONSULTATION re: 'Suitable and Efficient Home Education'.

On: Saturday March 31st
Start Time: 10.45 (10.15 for coffee). To close approx 3.30pm.

At: Blackwell Court, near Bromsgrove, very close to Junc 1 of the M42 and junction 4 of the M5
Map here.


There is no charge for this event. You do not need to be a member of EO to attend, all welcome.

Please bring a packed lunch - tea and coffee will be served free of charge.

Two members of the Education Otherwise Government Policy Group, Fiona Nicholson and Annette Taberner, will begin the day by explaining what the implications of the forthcoming DfES consultation will mean for home educators. They will explain how we reached this point and give an account of how we believe that Every Child Matters is the driving force behind these proposed changes to Home Education.

This will be followed by a discussion where everyone will be able to ask questions and exchange views about how we would like to address Regional and Local responses to DfES. It is vitally important that we protect our rights to home educate.

We will break for packed lunches, which may eaten in the lovely grounds of Blackwell Court.

The afternoon session will look at the importance of working together and forging good regional and local links. Also working together with other groups of home educators including those who home educate their SEN children. How much do we know about our own Local Authorities and how can we develop a working relationship with them? How can our elected members help us? We will again hold a group discussion and a sharing of views and ideas.

The final part of the day will look at our relationship with the press and why we also need to develop this. We need to leave positive footprints and create a positive image of home education.
The workshop will end at approximately 3.30pm. Refreshments will be served again afterwards.

Please try to attend this workshop or send a representative from your group. We need to work together to make sure that we do not lose our rights to home educate our children.


Julie said...

Thank you for advertising the Workshop!
I'll bring the Birthday Cake-now how many candles will we need?

Carlotta said...

Errgh!! ummm...can't remember! (oh, no, actually that could look worse than it is!) :)

Anonymous said...

Is this the only one in the Midlands area?

Is this only for people with cars?

Carlotta said...

It's the only one I know about at the mo, L, but if you can get to town nearby, eg: Worcester, or that side of Birmingham, I shouldn't think you'd have problems hitching a lift.

Julie said...

Sorry I wrote that advertisement for the workshop when I wqas distracted by getting ready for a weekend away as a stage manager in my 'other life'
I should have mentioned that if anyone can get to Barnt Green or Bromsgrove Train stations (change at Worcs or Birmingham to get to either) or to Bromsgrove Bus Station, we are able to offer a lift to the workshop-as long as we are able to do so in plenty of time of the beginning of the workshop.
We'll need details of what time and where you are arriving at the contact details in the original advertisement.