Saturday, February 03, 2007

Forward Notice: More Campaign Workshops

The Treasurer of Education Otherwise reports that EO Council is happy for EO to fund a series of regional workshops during late February and March.

EO Government Policy Group have been investigating venues and possible dates. At least one member of EO Policy Group will speak at each workshop and answer questions about what is happening.

At present, EO is looking at the following dates, which will be organised by local members of GPG in consultation with the home ed community in the area:

11th February: Open workshop at Okehampton in Devon during the EO National Gathering - details to be circulated to EO members in the South West region.

24/25th February: Either Kent or Tyne and Wear

3/4th March: Either Kent or Tyne and Wear

10th March: Possibly Warrington

17th/18th March: Possibly East Anglia

24th March: London, Westbourne Grove

Confirmation of above details to be posted as soon as possible.

The EO Campaign Website is also about to go live and will contain updates and photos of the Sheffield Workshop.


Rachel Reed said...

As someone who isn't an EO member (and I've heard that many HE families are not members), what exactly are the workshops for? When they say "Campaign", what exactly are they campaigning about? is just the "light touch changes"? Or other things too?

I don't mean to sound derisive, but as someone out of the EO "loop" - it's a bit bizarre to me.

I have read the Sheffield report, and the EO man Phil Hicks stated that EO were trying to get to non EO members. So, if that is the case, why are they only advertising to EO members at their annual gathering?

Can we assume that if a workshop comes to our region, then we can attend without joining EO?

Carlotta said...

From what I understand, any HE families are welcome to these, EO or otherwise. It is just that these meetings are being organised with EO funding and using EO people.

The meetings are all about the current political situation for HEors: so mainly about the consultations on legislative changes for home ed, but linking up with all the other related themes, such as the ISI and the consultation on the meaning of full time ed. etc. etc.

Hope you will be able to make it to one or other of them. Hopefully, given time and resources others will be organised as well...some even by non-EO members...

Rachel Reed said...

Thanks for the clarification.