Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This is Bristol

From This is Bristol, a letter that merits being quoted in full:

"The Government, in its infinite wisdom, has now decided that a consultation needs to be held to review the regulations concerning home educated children.Instead of allowing a flexible and personalised approach to learning to be devised by individual families in order to create the optimum environment for education, home educators are to be confined by rules and restrictions that will stifle the conditions that have inspired our children to thrive.

As a nation, every aspect of our relationship with our children is becoming regulated and it seems that it is time to start saying "stop". Statistics concerning how this government has failed state-educated children tell me it is in no position to dictate on matters of education.

Every child does indeed matter, and those of us who are willing to take personal responsibility for our children's educational welfare are effectively freeing up state resources and places in schools for those families who really do need assistance. More information may be found at www.freedomforchildrento grow.org

Hannah Walker, Withywood, Bristol. "

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