Saturday, February 24, 2007

Message via the BBC: Don't Pester Home Educators

The comments section on the BBC piece on the York Consulting Ltd research is getting it about right. Top of the recommended comments:

"I'd suggest state schooling needs to be more closely monitored than home schooling.The useless, certificate-ridden automatons that those box-ticking factories churn out these days are an insult to anyone who has actually had to work to earn their qualifications."
Topsy Turvey, England, United Kingdom
Recommended by 72 people

"Why – so the government can ruin it as well?"
anon., UK
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"I was home educated until aged 16, only going into a school to sit exams at GCSE time.I have top grades in all subjects and believe I am better educated than the people who went to my local comp.I have social skills to interact with others my age, and do not believe I have missed out on anything other than bullying and bad teaching."
Joanna Mountney, Manchester
Recommended by 60 people

"I've met a fair few homeschooled kids who are now adults.Anybody who mindlessly bleats "socially stunted" is plain ignorant and prejudiced."
Winnie the Pooh,
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viva said...

Hi Carlotta

great blog

I'm trying to get a new blog started - I've added a link to yours, but it seems to be coming up as not found. I'm not on internet lists so if you would be happy to add a link or to let people know I'm there the blog is@

Thanks - Annie

Carlotta said...

Hi Annie,

Just had a quick look at yours...will certainly add a link and put you in bloglines. Great to know you're out there!

It may be that the link for dare to know is playing up cos the full addy for a link is
rather than just daretoknow...??

Anonymous said...

I can't get onto the comments section, but I like what you've posted. Seems as if people are really waking up.

Could you link to my blog too, Carlotta, please?

(Although I might change the title to no degrees of freedom soon!)

Carlotta said...

Hi Danae,

Do you mean from my links bar? I have linked to yours in the side bar under Home Education Links some months ago, I perhaps you mean the beeb site? (Sorry, woken up too early, I think and now being dumb!)