Friday, February 26, 2010

Another of those phone calls today

...from a neighbouring local authority asking me to shop people who HE in that area.

The woman from the LA was slightly more polite than the gentleman (a misnomer) who phoned last time, but she still rapidly descended to extraordinary arguments which made no sense at all.

I, of course, said there was no way I would reveal names and addresses of people I knew of, that I had asked the relevant HEors after the previous occasion when the gentleman (nominally at least from the LA) had rung me, and they had predictably confirmed what I had previously thought, ie: that I was on no account to give out names and addresses to a person I had never met and on the end of a phone line.

She then asked if I would give her numbers of HEors I knew of in that LA. I asked her how this would help, and she couldn't explain.

She then said, "Well how can I do my job?" I told her what I had told the previous caller, that if there were any real concerns, I am sure she would get to hear about them one way or another, but there were no concerns amongst the people I know of.

She then asked if we could meet for a chat. I asked her what would be the reason for this. Again she had no answer.

I suppose I have got better at this. At least she just gave up rather than resorting to shouting at me, which the previous caller had done.

I still think it is a quite extraordinary way to behave. I mean most companies are very aware that people can't be expected just to dole out their details left right and centre, and yet here is a person I have never met, claiming to be such-and-such and so-and-so, but of course, I have no way of checking, demanding that I give out details which other people have entrusted to me. Quite odd and will be reporting the above to the organisations and individuals who are collecting evidence on how LAs behave.

Generally speaking, I have formed the impression that I don't want these sorts of mad people anywhere near me or my family.


Anonymous said...

Do you know for sure it was from the local authority?

Kelly said...

Unconscionable. Insane. What are these people thinking.

Carlotta said...

Hi Leo,

No. I don't.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is worth telling them that they shouldn't, morally, have agreed to do such a job? Doesn't the fact that needing to spy on people who have done nothing wrong and bully them indicate that it is immoral. And that, if they want to help endangered children, they could become a social worker instead.


Anonymous said...

I generally have formed the impression that I don't want these sorts of mad people anywhere near me.

Well said!

Anonymous said...

You should make a complaint over this matter to the council!