Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Education Meeting for Lords

PLEASE mention this meeting to any Lord with whom you have contact. The APPG is officially responsible for issuing invitations but the personal touch might just encourage a few.

Home education meeting for the Lords

Tuesday March 2nd 6-7pm

Committee Room 16, House of Commons.

Hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group. The room will be available until 7.30pm.

Confirmed speakers:

*Dr. Alan Thomas - has written papers on self-directed/autonomous learning - how successful it is and why you cannot monitor this kind of learning.

*Christine Waterman, on Special Educational Needs and how the proposals would impact on home educated children with SEN.

* Mike Crawshaw, on how the government misled the House of Commons with flawed analysis and discredited statistics.

* Jane Lowe (HEAS) on the current situation with the LAs and why no change in the law is necessary.


If you are planning to attend, please let Karen Bartlett know, so that she can keep an eye on numbers. (Space is limited.) Mail Karen on:

If you need further information, email Carolyn on:


Karen Bartlett said...

Please if you are planning to attend can you let me know, so I can keep a eye on numbers, Karen.

If you need further information email Carolyn

Carlotta said...

Thanks for adding that, Karen. Wasn't sure whether to include it or not.

Will upload details to post level, so peeps don't miss it...hoping that's OK.