Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After the close of Committee stage on Thursday February 4th, further amendments were tabled to the Children Schools and Families Bill. A selection of these amendments will be discussed during Report stage in the House of Commons on Tuesday February 23rd. At the close of business on February 23rd the Bill will move to Third Reading and then pass to the House of Lords.

Amendments 63 and 66 propose to leave out clause 26 and 27 of the Bill, which are the clauses enabling implementation of Schedule 1 licensing registration and monitoring scheme for home education. Amendment 63 has seven signatories and is headed by Michael Gove, Shadow Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families.

Today Wednesday 10th February is the last day for MPs to add their signature to these amendments before the parliamentary recess. When MPs return after the recess there will only be one day before the Report debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday February 23rd. We understand that signatures cannot be added during the recess.

Constituents can telephone the House of Commons switchboard on 020 7219 3000 today and ask to be put through to their MP's office. MPs wishing to add their signature to the amendments need to go to the Public Bill Office today.

There are various criteria by which amendments are selected for debate at Report. More information here and here.


Carlotta said...

Have just rung the House of Commons. Very, very efficient switchboard, was put straight through to MP's office. Sadly MP too booked up to make it to the Public Bill Office today, but would encourage others to try since the more MPs signatures an amendment has, the more chance it will have of being taken seriously.

jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

Our M,P M.Mates(who is standing down at next election)is hostile to home education and refuses to meet with home it be a waste of time for us to phone!

Carlotta said...

How on earth can such a person (M. Mates) form an opinion without even trying to seek out the facts?

And how on earth can such a person become someone with the power to create the law of the land?

It is frankly despicable.

Would love to hear his arguments...just so we could pick 'em to pieces.

Mike said...

Hey Carlotta,

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