Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lord Soley and Baroness Deech

are asking more questions, here and here.


Anonymous said...

Those 2 old fools are just repeating what they been told about home education what Balls/DCSF want its a game for numbers they been primed and other lords will then tend to agree with them.All governments work like this they need to get it though cos otherwise they look weak.
One thing they going to use is to get joe public to say we need to check on those home educators! forgoting to tell public how much it will all cost.
The only hope is the bill runs out of time? but will it? i cant seethe tories revoking it if they win election?

Carlotta said...

I think the point of putting comments on the Lords of the Blog is not so much to convince these Labour peers but rather so that their ignorant assumptions are challenged by informed argument, and so that these challenges are there for others to see.

Lord Lucas was clear. We shouldn't waste too much time trying to convince statist Labour Party stooges. Instead we should aim to win friends in the Peers. He thinks there will be plenty of them and that these simply need to be informed of the matters in hand with good argument.

Hopefully therefore, some of them will be reading Lord Soley and Baroness's Deech's blog posts and will actually understand the problems with Schedule 1.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks Carlotta

Lord Norton of Louth said...

As the peer who is principally responsible for moderating the comments on Lords of the Blog, and hence reading all the comments submitted, I think Carlotta's observation may be directed at me!