Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Report Debate and Third Reading

...today, to start sometime after 15.00. Live recording available here.

Amendment 63 (calling for the deletion of Clause 26) is apparently up for debate. Still waiting! (18.03 hours)

Information from EO available here.

UPDATE: See comment below.

Further Update: More news of the Report Debate.


Fiona Nicholson, Education Otherwise said...

ayes 268 noes 177 whipped vote etc

waiting for date of First Reading in the Lords now. Gibb, Laws, Stuart and Drew all dissed the home ed clauses of the Bill.

Anonymous said...

The only bit of the debate I caught was when Vernon Coaker was sneering that the Tories would never change this Bill if-or rather in his eyes, when, it becomes law and I heard silence from the Tory benches.
I think Coaker made it quite clear that this whole Bill, attacking children's innocence and the rights of families which will bring about so much misery to our children is simply a political game to hand a poisoned chalice to the next Govt.
It's beyond creepy.

Anonymous said...

yes i have never heard the Tory frontbench say they would change the bill just silence! i wonder if they done a deal with Labour to let it go though? I think it will become law unless im missing something? where was all those Tory M.P's who are supposed to be against the bill? the chamber was enmpty for the most part!

Riaz said...

I've believed for a long time that there is a gentleman's agreement between the three establishment parties not to overturn legislation by the previous government following a change in government.