Friday, February 05, 2010

Public Bill Committee Meeting on HE

Recording here, with section on HE starting at one hour and 28 mins.

Transcript here.

To summarise, Schedule 1 of the Children, Schools and Families Bill stands with no amendments.
Ho hum.

Plenty of criticisms could have been raised in response to the criticisms of the amendments. Will get onto it if time permits, but at the very least, we must raise these objections in our communications with the Lords.


Firebird said...

The transcript is still not up on Hansard. Someone has messed up and put the a.m. content in the p.m. file. TSO have been asked to investigate.

I wonder, are they this bad ALL the time, or are we just lucky? :-/

Carlotta said...

Very strange!

Have finally found it and am hoping it is less frustrating to read than to listen to. Kept desperately wanting responses to criticisms of the amendments to be raised!