Sunday, February 21, 2010

Capita are at it again

Capita are at it again re Children Missing Education. Their 6th National Conference on the matter includes (rather alarmingly, seeing as it isn't law)....

"Understand how to execute the recommendations of the Badman Review on elective home education"

Oh dear.

Meanwhile, news from home educators who have been visited by our local authority is not good. Reports suggest that our woman, who can parrot the word autonomy without any deep understanding of it, is already getting uppity. For example, she is demanding visits at three monthly intervals, with each visit taking at least two hours. She puts pressure on families who refuse the three monthly visits, and you feel as if she has eyes everywhere. Heaven forbid that she be delivered of the powers in Schedule 1.

If you have any similar recent experiences with your LAs, please do mail in comments.

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