Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the Guardian


"Why have you got it in for home- educating families?

Ed Balls:
Home education is a long-standing part of our education system and that should continue. The vast majority of home-educated children receive a good education in a safe and loving environment.

But we have to ensure that this is the case for all children. There have been some cases of "home-educated" children being badly neglected. That's why we are taking forward the recommendations of the independent review of home education, including the call for extra support for home educators, especially where a child has a special educational need. I think people will increasingly see that the proposals are necessary and strike the right balance."

I wonder which people these will be? Will these be the few who actually know what they are talking about or the uninformed majority?


Firebird2110 said...

Ha! People are increasingly seeing that your proposals are uncessessary, disproportionate and unaffordable. Dream on Eddie boy, your days in power are numbered! And that number is ... what? 62?

Anonymous said...

"I think people will increasingly see that the proposals are necessary and strike the right balance."

I think that the more he tells himself that, the more he feels justified in introducing those measures.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most people haven't the time to take in the detail of an argument and Ed Balls exploits the 'trust' the majority (without time) have to base policy on unsound, irrational thinking. It says nothing for him as an individual, and nothing for a party that allows it to happen.


mum6kids said...

Ed might be feeling smug. Rumour has it the DSCF have sent instructions out to LAs to get them coming after us even before this Bill makes it through.
Is that true and does anyone know what the instruction letter might look like?

Fiona Nicholson, Education Otherwise said...

could be this here?
copiable pdf DCSF to LAs re SEN http://tinyurl.com/yg7j3j4 School Attendance Order if child not seen #welovehomeed #csfbill

mum6kids said...

That's the one Fiona thanks.
Interesting little reminder all of a sudden with a push for SAOs too.Lovely. Just the thing to help build trust...lol (sarcasm off)

Anonymous said...

section 12 of that letter is only for children with a statement or special needs? they have to see them or school attendance order? it does not say its for children with out a speical need? looks to me like they picking on this group first? we dont agree with that!

Anonymous said...

Scary! It sounds like the government has the primary say in the education of children with SEN, sort of like in Germany, with its "educational mandate."