Friday, February 12, 2010

No cash left for support then....

There's money to be made from us, it seems. EHE Consultant jobs come out at up to £100,000 per annum. Don't think they costed for that in the Impact Assessment.


Fiona Nicholson, Education Otherwise said...

The Doncaster ad says up to £100,000 but it also says Soulbury 9-12 which would put it at 40-44K pro rata 2 days a week, for one term ( wildly guessing Soulbury for "educational improvement professionals")

Wouldn't that make it a sixth of 40K?

There wasn't any money for support anyway and there certainly won't be money for additional staff. Average current spend per LA on staffing for home ed is £200 per child per year. Doncaster is in deep trouble of course with regard to social care and education standards ratings, so it may be throwing money at this from "safeguarding vulnerable groups professional" pot of money rather than "cheap retired headteacher for home ed on contract" payscale.

There are a surprisingly high number of children known to the LA in Doncaster who are not known to the local home education community.

Fiona ( in Sheffield, nosily making enquiries)

Anonymous said...

There's no spec on the advert so I wonder what kind of person they are looking for. That kind of money could get them an Ed Psych couldn't it? Taking Fiona's point that could be what they are after-rather than an ex-head.
Doncaster does have an absolutely appalling record on children's safeguarding-worse than Birmingham and that is truly saying something.

Seems that 2 days a week wont do much. So (presuming there is an ounce of common sense and professional ethos there) they will have to target families they have real concern about.
It would be interesting to watch this post and see what happens. (A program for Channel 4 maybe lol)

Anonymous said...

the job description/person specification documents are here

they are looking for an eperiened teacher. QTS and good knowledge of National Curriculum.

Fiona T said...

Hmmmm. I don't like it. Isn't this a bit soon? Or do they already recruit for these positions?
From the link in the previous comment.

Responsible To: Senior School Improvement Adviser

To monitor the quality of education for children who are being educated at home in terms of quality of the curriculum provided.

To have due regard for the safeguarding of children who are educated at home.

To produce a report of each visit for a Senior Adviser.

To provide feedback to families.

To liaise with the Education Welfare Service and Traveller Education Service as necessary.

To be involved in reviews of statements for SEN pupils.

Anonymous said...

its about making money out of home educators i think that may have been the real reason all a long they can see an opening more jobs for them it is a disgrace that tax payers money is spent like this! money for that but not money to really help home dad says to me it always comes down to money with these people they can see the opening and the jobs that will go with it and they can say we safeguarding children so the public will not mind!

Marco said...

Perhaps we shouls all apply for the job? That should keep them occupied for a while.

Anonymous said...

The job has vanished apparently. Odd.

Carlotta said... it has. Now why would that be, I wonder?