Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Children's Books

This is a plea from a desperate person who may otherwise do something terrible with a bonfire or a pair of scissors. Please, please tell me your favourite young children's know the ones...the ones that you wouldn't mind reading night after night, that could make you laugh, that struck you as neat, as cleverly constructed, well balanced, with a agreeable ethical angle, engaging characters etc.

To give you some idea of the ones that have stood me in very, very good stead to date, but I suddenly feel as if I cannot keep reading them for the rest of my time here on earth:

The Sleep Book Dr Seuss

The Gruffalo Julia Donalson, Axel Scheffler

Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak

Sloth's Shoes Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross

The Monster Storm Jeanne Willis, Susan Varley

Bungle in the Jungle Paul Geraghty


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest the Hairy McClary Books save for the fact that you introduced these to us! Gxx

Anonymous said...

*The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow. Great fun and you can make up your own rhymes.
*The Smartest giant in Town by the same lot as the Gruffalo. Just as good and about sharing.

Carlotta said...

Thanks for the suggestions...will seek out more in the HM series as I think there are lots of them and we've loved all the ones we've read so far...and will definitely amazon your suggestions, Bex, as they sound just the thing. We very much like another Ian Whybrow book...Tim's Ted, I think, which nearly made the short list.

It is making me realise though, just how few really classic children's books there really are!

Anonymous said...

If you like Paul Geraghty's books, you might also like "The Giraffe who got int a Knot", but we found this for 20p in Oxfam and are not sure if this is still on sale. Very funny though.

Carlotta said...

Will check this out too. Thanks.

It's so satisfying finding goodies in charity shops and car boots...We found a book by Korky Paul about a worm and a coconut, in a car boot sale recently. I probably wouldn't have bought it first hand, (it looked too slight somehow), but at 10p it seemed more than reasonable and it turned out to contain one hilarious line that had Ds in stitches! Very satisfying for the price.