Saturday, June 04, 2005


Ouch, am all achy and sad again but am actually getting a handle on this Empty Nest Syndrome. Have realised that it is entirely related to the fact that am missing Dd, who has taken to sleeping over with a friend as often as she can and it's me who ends up with that feeling like the first day back at boarding school - an ache that sits between head and stomach, as if I must see her and touch her NOW. She, meanwhile, will be fast asleep having had the time of her life all evening. How dare she be so independent at her age! Am writing now so as not to do something more antisocial, like going and getting her in the middle of the night and to put it on record that for all our strong differences, I love her SOOO much.

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Anonymous said...

Carlotta, my d is at University and I so understand the wanting to touch & see her right now. My life for 18 years has been about her and now she is achieving, successful, popular and having the time of her life- I am feeling all at the same time,immensely proud of her, angry with her and generally sad. The right arm missing analogy is so true and I don't know what to do. She knows none of this.