Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Effects of Child Beating

From Stop the Rod.


Anonymous said...

What extremely important research! I will keep a copy of this for occasions where such discussions are urgently required.

Maybe such distinct correlations might be easier for the spankers to understand than any appeal to the illogicality of spanking whilst holding contradictory ideas about violence and respectful behaviour to others.


Anonymous said...

Also, thanks to Carlotta's link, if anyone has doubts about the cruelty of the Pearls these quotes from their book would remove them:

Anonymous said...

I did a anti-hitting and anti-ToS button thingy free to use by all nice people. It's on my bloggy.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who doesn't know the harm caused by spanking, beating, hitting of ANY MANNER OR DEGREE - read all the books (or just one, if you don't have time) by psychotherapist ALICE MILLER. One of her greatest works - a pioneering piece of writing - is now a seminal work for all psychotherapists: "The Body Never Lies" - and it tells of the devastating effects of child beating, or child "spanking" - people who think they are teaching discipline need to get themselves a good "spanking" - they are ABUSING THEIR CHILDREN and are causing massive problems in their children's future lives. Any person who hits any child should be jailed immediately and the child removed from their presence - this is ABUSE.