Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It is Red Alert All the Time Now

In this super-state, it rather looks as if Dh's brand of personal initiative must go by the by. In a bid to catch the plane that they looked as if they were about to miss, Dh hung a left when other car drivers were turning right, only to be confronted seconds later by three furious armed policemen with firearms pointing directly at his vulnerable bits. At this point his passengers were of the opinion that you don't argue. Having said which - they did get to plane on time, but he is not going to do that again. "Look into my eyes...you are no...o..o...t go..o..o..ing to do..o.o.. that agai..ai..ai..n...."


Clare said...

Oh for goodness sakes! How ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on it! Jx