Thursday, February 09, 2006

Your Thoughts on Home Education?

What would you say if you had the chance to bend the ear of a Labour party Education Minister? Would you simply ask that you be left alone? Would you call for greater promotion of Home Education by the LEAs? Would you call for education vouchers or grants for HEors, despite a risk that this will mean that HEors are compelled to educate their children in state-prescribed ways?

Well apparently, there is no need to dream. HE father and Labour party member is canvassing for views from HEors which he says he would take forward to interested Labour party peeps such as rising star, schools minister and Redditch MP Jacqueline Smith who he reports is sympathetic to HE cause.

It is not quite clear what form Ms Smith's sympathy takes, but it is impossible not to be concerned that this sympathy may extend to the issue of the provision of funding. This of course looks dodgy in terms of maintaining educational freedom. It may be a good idea to shout now, so if you happen to have any strong views on this or anything else to do with HE, do let me know soonish, and I'll pass them on.


Tech said...

Yep, leave us alone I'd say. Definitely don't want funding unless it is set in stone that it comes without strings, but I really can't see that happening, so would much prefer to struggle on as we are!

Infact, could do without the attention of *sympathetic* MPs full stop. Just leave us be, we're doing a good job without nanny's help thank you very much! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd go along with Tech. Stay stum unless you get wind of impending legislation for HEers, in which case, tell them about autonomous education, tell them what a good idea it is and then start with the veiled threats;)

ie: if they start with HE legislation, loads of HEers will make lots of noise, which will mean that loads of kids will realise that they can be HEd, which will mean that parents will be put under pressure, and the HE numbers will rise!

Then you could try - if HE youth with all their different learning styles are forced back into school, they'll be landed with more budgetting problems than they can sniff at.

Nah...unless further HE legislation is pending, let reasonably acceptable situation lie, and get the HE Dad to cosy up to the Environment minister instead, so he can wangle us some red-tape free windmills and wave power!

Grants and/or vouchers are not worth the compromise.


Carlotta said...

My feelings pretty much exactly to both comments! Will pass these sentiments on... (though incidentally will try to be good and pass on those with which I disagree!)


Anonymous said...

Any 'funding' could be channelled into libraries. Which would be a good idea anyway.

For LEA/truant officers to be fully aware (and accepting) of HE.

At a big, big stretch, possibly something along the lines of having secondary school/sixth form lessons open to invasion:

"Hey Mom, there's a lesson on this particular aspect of history/music/science/maths I'm interested in, think I'll drop in."

Though obviously, that's not going to happen.


Carlotta said...

Thanks P. Love the ideas! Your comments have been forwarded.

Tech said...

Are you on the LEA work list? Someone there has just posted a letter about the *sympathetic* Ms SMith, you might be interested.

Carlotta said...

Tech, bother! I left that list some time guess is that this sympathy is an illusion! Would this be right?