Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Internet Resources for Young Ones

Filched from Merry: her Jump Page which contains almost all the sites that Dd (age 3) and I frequent as of late, plus some more. I need it here for personal ref, as well as your delight!

(Am still keeping an eye out re your English Question, Leo.)


Andrea said...

I have a similar page for Emma, right here. I've also saved a local copy of it with an icon on the desktop, so she can do it all herself.

Feel free to steal it. :D

Carlotta said...

Fantastic Andrea. Thank you. We have just Wiggled our way through their site and are apparently most like Mulan!

merry said...

I must keep updating that page, sop let me know of anything you see that i could put on it :)

Off to look at Andreas :)

Anonymous said...

How can you live without http://boowakwala.com/ ? :)

Carlotta said...

Fantastic stuff, Leo. Great site and great links from that site..., don't know exactly where we've just been but that was fun!