Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick Links

Quick Links:

*Whoa, despite the fact that it was debating skills that actually counted, this must still have taken some doing. A motion to support the use of child labour in the third world was carried. (If only! - Ds and I could then finally get on with his business plan).

*Angela at Touchingly Naive Books has blogged a very fair minded critique of Lynne Taggart's Vaccination Bible.

*Rowan F-W's argument against smacking children can be found here.

*Daryl's paper is published. Proof that you can be an HE dad, blog, and put in a little bit of work at the same time.

*This probably says more about myself than I should be happy to reveal, but I feel the urge to admit to being very pleased to know that even Norm has problems with his full


Anonymous said...

You can be an HE dad and do all those things, but a lone HE mum I doubt. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree Leo. It's one thing for a mum/dad with supportive partner and quite another without.

When a lone parent, just managing to keep things going seems to me to be an achievement, without feeling bad for not having achieved something else on top of that.