Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Cogent Answers from the Pro-Smacking Brigade

According to the latest: The Old Schoolhouse has withdrawn all public information about the tour, but intend to carry on 'privately.'

Ho hum. Given the number of pro-smacking people, even within the HE community, that this debacle has flushed out, I suppose this now less publisized tour by pro-child beaters represents but just the tiny tip of an enormous ice-berg, even one of glacial proportions, whose inevitable sweep one would be wise to accept - but this concession seems almost inconceivably sad.

So rather than to concede to hopelessness, and since I am yet to receive any cogent answers to the following questions, I will pose them once more:

"How, in justifying hitting your children, do you argue that someone else should not hit you?"


"How do you convey the doctrine of the minimal use of violence to your children?"


merry said...

Interesting question, thoguh i wouldn't consider myself to be a child beater.

Occasionally my children ask me persistant to do something for them, and i forget/get distracted/don't bother.

Sometimes they nag me, sometimes they throw a tantrum as a way getting my attention. I suppose i consider that the occasional tap on the leg, to get their attention when all else has failed, is roughly the equivalent of the tantrum.

Not pleasant, not perfect, but both forms of making a spectacle of ourselves tend to have the desired effect ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Merry,

Am I right in thinking that you are not exactly of the pro-smacking lobby? It sounds from what you are saying when you equate smacking with a tantrum, that this is a second rate solution to solving a problem, and that you think that there are actually potentially better ways to solve the problem? Would you call smacking a failure to solve problems in the best possible way?

merry said...

yes, absolutely. Smacking is more something i haven't yet ironed out of my parenting, then something i include in my positive parenting armoury.