Friday, February 24, 2006

Not Avian Flu but Damn Close

A week of missing stuff. We've missed stuff every single day this week - which actually must constitute the most impressive statistic we can muster of late, other than the number of hours we've put in watching Discovery Kids. And still it goes on, with Dd keeping us on our toes all last night, either being sick or thinking she was going to be. It has been a question of keeping our pecker (Eng.) up rather.

This helped, though it sure didn't help the chicken's (also Eng).


Becky said...

I *do* hope you're keeping your collective pecker up lol. With a half-English father, I've heard this one a lot in my lifetime, and I never fail to be amused by the North American reaction.

We've managed to stay healthy since the early October stomach virus bug, so I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, especially since we were exposed to who know's how many bugs in our travels.

Rest up and feel better : )

Anonymous said...

I hope you all feel well soon.
You actually go out and socialise every day? o_O

Carlotta said...

Thanks. Do hope you stay well, Becky.

and re the socialising thing - it is honestly true round here. It has recently got so busy. There was an HE meet of one sort or another, with various activities such as drama workshop and beading, to another drama workshop, to crafty stuff and swimming every day that week; plus we were meant to be managing a three day sleep over. And all the while, friends still did drop life as a rule is hectic.

The only downers with this are that we keep missing the after school classes that we mean to attend, and it has the effect of making one feel terrible when we do let people down...though luckily the mum still got that flight despite the failed sleep-over thing.