Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go the Extra Step

It seems reasonable to have imagined, what with the advent of broadband and the gazillions of opportunities that this affords to tailor the curriculum to the interests of the learner and to seek out useful feedback from a large number of people, that the inclination to be spoonfed a pre-prescribed curriculum by just one teacher would decline.

If you add in the fact that pupils may be many hundreds of miles from the nearest educational establishment and may never have actually met the teacher and well, you could quite reasonably have thought that learners would have questioned the need to sit listening politely to the accumulated wisdom of just one individual. But apparently, even for this section of the population ie: Aussie outback learners, the schooling meme persists unviolated.

When Australia's School of the Air Radio called it a day and pupils got on-line with all the necessary, they still look obediently to teacher.

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Ron R said...

"It seems reasonable"

You would think...but the question is whether those in the position to do so, do.