Monday, February 27, 2006

Religious Home Education on TV

Bother, we missed the Heaven and Earth Show yesterday which carried a discussion about religious reasons for home educating. We have heard though that the Christian home education mother did give the impression that the education she was prepared to provide was somewhat narrow in its vision. The angle in the write-up though seems pretty fair. It also includes Jewish and Islamic Home Ed perspectives.

For good measure, there is also a link to a piece by Helen Hall, Christian HE mum and tireless organiser of Warwickshire HE events, on the subject of her reasons for home educating. From what I remember, she couldn't have provided a more broad range of opportunities for her children.


Anonymous said...

Do you think this claim in the article is true?
"Secondly, there are those who feel that education in most grant-maintained and independent schools is essentially an indoctrination into secular humanism."


Carlotta said...

No, not at all. I think there is, generally speaking and also in schools, a woeful lack of any help with the deep questions for children who are not of religious persuasion. I am not aware of any explicit curriculum about secular humanism in schools, which has probably been mistaken here for multi-culturalism or moral relativism or some such.

Anonymous said...

Helen seems alright, but do her children have the choice to quit her religion?

I am never comfortable religious people, I think I cannot take them seriously. I feel the whole "faith" thing is just being in denial about reality.