Monday, February 13, 2006

Home Education - the Way Forward

Home Education today in the US from Business Week.

HT: Daniel


Anonymous said...

It seems to confirm that affluent parents will give their children better schooling if they school and better home schooling if they home school. Public schooling was supposed to provide some sort of equality and failed, of course. Is there a way of genuinely giving every child the same chance in life?

Carlotta said...

Equality of opportunity sounds like a good idea and a benign objective on the face of it, but clearly in actuality is impossible to achieve, given all the variables. For example, would a child have more opportunity if his parents owned a car or a TV? To aim for equality in this sphere is to abandon the notion of any personal freedom whatsoever and to negate the importance of variety.

Instead of aiming for equality, we would be better off trying to improve upon what we already have. All parents could do this from whatever the starting point.

And as far as achieving this is concerned, the ease with which information can now be accessed, via cheap PCs, and the proliferation of TV channels, for example, means that improving one's lot could be getting easier for almost everyone.