Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Action for Home Education in the News

in Mansfield Today.

Congrats, Barbara.


Anonymous said...

What's to congratulate? Nothing.

It's just her and her elite of special friends that she considers worth listening to, giving us all a very bad image.

No people dare to say they represent me and my family interests when I haven't paid them to do so.

Julie said...

i don't see it as a bad image at all Leo.
I am really happy to have another group, able to work together via a wiki page and a yahoo group, that can respond quickly when needed to. And I am a memeber of EO. We need as many people/groups/organisations to respond to these damn consulations as possible!
I think they are saying they represent their members, as EO does, just as when our local group makes it's response, it will be representative of our members views, we won't claim to be representing you.

Julie said...

I did of course mean consultations and not consulations.
I seem not to be able to spell members today either!

Carlotta said...

I'll try to ensure that missives are clearly sent from members, Leo. Thanks for pointing this out.