Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not Knowing What They Don't Know

There are times when I am quite astonished at the level of sophistication of the conversation Dd (4) and I have together. Yesterday, for example, on a car journey back from seeing friends, we discussed the pros and cons of white lying, which we defined as lying with good intention. She saw the pros and provided all the cons, in other words she had the subject completely. I would have been quite pleased with myself had I had such a conversation with a teen or even an adult.

Five minutes later Ds and I were talking about an older friend of his who we hadn't seen for a few months.

"He has changed so much", Ds remarked.

"Yes, he isn't a boy, anymore." I added.

Dd, from the back seat "Wha? He's a girl?"

You see, the thing is, even though I know her so well, I still don't know what she doesn't know, but at least she isn't now going round thinking Jaspar's a girl. How many more of these sorts of mistakes go by unnoticed in a school classroom, I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Passing the British tradition on how be fake to people to keep your own status, uh? ;)

Carlotta said... actually...not this time! Actually to stop someone's feelings from being hurt.

Actually, also...don't think I would call lying to improve your own status a white lie, according to the criteria that Ds and I were using, since those types of status conversation are not usually totally about good intentions, it seems to me.