Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What About Wales?

Given that Education is devolved in Wales and the Welsh Assembly therefore have the last call over this, how much of what is going on in England will affect the situation for Welsh Home Educators? Welsh Home Educators are gearing up. They too are getting ready for action. They just want to know how ready they should be, so the good people at EO are trying to find out from the DfES, but it rather looks as if the DfES aren't too sure either.

For example, with regard to the Education and Inspection Act 2006, which contains, amongst other gems, Section 4 - Children Missing from Education, the DfES have said: "so far as exercisable in relation to Wales, is to be taken to have been transferred to the Assembly by an Order in Council under section 22 of the Government of Wales Act 1998 (c. 38)."

Welsh groups are eager to know more. (Thanks EO.)

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