Thursday, January 04, 2007

Schools and Personalised Learning?

A report from the Teaching and Learning in 2020 Group predictably contains all the usual epistemological errors that one comes to expect of any set of theories that attempt to marry learning with school and also makes all the usual extremely vague promises about establishing the principle and practice of personalised learning in schools (despite the fact that this has been a legal requirement for goodness knows how parents have a duty to provide an education that is suited to the age, ability and aptitude of the child.)

Ho hum, same old, same old.

Meanwhile home educators everywhere just get on with the business of facilitating genuinely personalised education for their children.


Anonymous said...

a bit nit picking perhaps...but I am not certain that it is possible to say/imply that no learning takes place in schools, as learning quite clearly does. It is probably easier to argue the point if one recognises that some learning does take place in school, of a limited kind.


Deb said...

I wonder if they'll ever realise that "system" and "personalised" are pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum...

Carlotta said...

Anon...You're right of course. Yes...classic blog post before the "Im awake" call. Post should be read with that proviso!

And Deb...completely right. That should be a slogan!