Thursday, January 18, 2007

Worst Case Scenarios

Ok, brace ourselves. Let's think about it. Is it possible that the DfES could somehow manage to introduce a neat balance of legislation and guidance which would give them a right to monitor education and progress (without a duty to do so, since that would make them liable when they don't monitor and they wouldn't want that); which would give them the right (though not the duty, for the same reasons, to see the child); which would give them the right to dictate standards and outcomes of education, without becoming responisible for form and content, and without effectively abrogating parental responsibility and then appropriating responsibility upon themselves to provide an education that is suitable to the age, ability and aptitude of the child?

OK, sock it to me. How could they write this stuff? It would be very helpful to know, not so that we give them any ideas, you understand. Just to show the DfES that they cannot defy reality and get away with it.

We will do our utmost to reveal the implications of any of the above attempts. We will go to newspapers. We will blog on general education blogs. We will use the judiciary if we have to.


Clare said...

have emailed you!


Anonymous said...

What is the situation if the child is privately tutored? How does that goes?