Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rugby - The Home Ed Way

They played this time for about 90 mins without stopping, except for quick discussions: all ages, both sexes, with the players who know what they are doing gradually refining the game, so that we have proper line-outs, off-side rules, knock-on rules and no handling in the ruck, etc.

Despite the age gaps and range of skill, no-one is hurt over and beyond a few bruises, and all of them LOVE it. No-one has to play if they don't want to, and actually quite a lot of them are frighteningly good. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Good to see Chris and Rob are still managing to keep up (To a fashion.)

I won't show this picture to Billy as he will demand that we return home immediately!

Julie said...

Well I'll show it to Billy then-to remind all of you why you should come home and visit soon!!!
Oh yes and I'll tell him the dates of HesFes too-now that would be a brilliant way of you getting to see a whole load of us all together.