Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Education and Inspections Act Implementation Deadlines

The link for the wall planner. With extensive use of the magnifying function, the bits we could be worrying about:

"*Duties on LAs to promote high standards and the fulfilment of potential, diversity and choice.(Provision in force: June 2007)"

(Sounds good but is an excuse to interfere as far as home educators are concerned).

"*Duty on LAs to make arrangements to enable them to identify chidren in their area who are not receiving a suitable education. (Provision in force, March 2007)"

(NOOO...leave us alone.)

"Duty to secure access for young people to positive activities. (Provision in force, May 2007)"

(More excuses to interfere)

And, no surprise this, pretty much last in terms of priorities:

"Requirement to consult young people (provision in force Oct 2008)"

(Yep, make sure you've done everything else first before you ask what children actually want.)


Anonymous said...

It's not really "nooo... leave us alone" it's more like "excuse me, I didn't abdicate my responsability over my children yet, so, move along".

Seriously, that they go after the parents whose kids are fucked up criminals I can understand, but this social enginereeing as a prevention scheme for it I can't.

Can't help but thinking that "fulfiling potential" sounds like astrology to me.

Carlotta said...'re quite right, Leo. That is what I meant and yes, quite so re the astrology bit too, lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the wall planner. I notice September 2007 also sees the start of compulsory confinement of children excluded from school, with the introduction of FPNs for parents whose children appear in any public place during school hours + new powers for the police to 'detain' an excluded child (even though s/he hasn't committed any criminal offence). Sorry... I just can't stop myself...AAAAGH the B**TARDS!!