Saturday, January 27, 2007

AHEd on the Radio

Barbara Stark of AHEd and family can be heard on BBC Nottingham here. Congrats again Barbara.


Paula said...

Windows doesn't recognise AMR files - what program would I need in morder to open the file?

Carlotta said...

Ah, not sure. Perhaps easier to go via Barbara's other here...

Click listen again button on the right hand side. A new screen will open.
Scroll down A-Z of shows to the Breakfast Show and click 'play again.' It
will come up with today's programme. There are buttons to push the programme
ahead by 5 and 15 minutes at a time to find the time you want.

Rachel Reed said...

I used Realplayer (the free version) to play this, though the quality was quite poor, I had to use headphones to hear it properly.

I liked it when the presenter asked "What if you never had to go to school".

I'm sure there were plenty of people listening who like me, only dreamt of it!

Paula said...

Thanks for that - will try!