Sunday, January 14, 2007

On Why the State Shouldn't DARE to Prescribe the Content of Education

...quite simply, because a one-size will not fit all children.

From Ann's Blog:

"Anyway on arriving home, Lucy went straight to her laptop and signed into MSN to chat to her friends all over the country - again something I doubted at times that she would ever manage without me! She caught up with another home ed friend ‘Melissa’ last week who she hasn’t been in contact with since Peak camp ‘05, just before this particular friends family moved abroad. Melissa was flabbergasted that this was actually Lucy typing on MSN. Her comment was “Your writing and spelling are so much better - you couldn’t have done this when I saw you last - I wouldn’t have been able to understand you!” but of course, like most 14 year olds Lucy wants to be able to converse with her friends and this has been a huge motivation for her - and a jolly fun way of practising too! "

The tools to get on MSN, someone there just to shout out spellings when needed but not to get in the way otherwise, will the state prescribe this in their curriculums? Not likely, I would say, yet this is the way that Lucy, and hundreds of other HE children who have been failed by the state system, have learnt how to express their thoughts clearly in writing.

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Anonymous said...

And Lucy was failed dismally in the education system- In fact the school considered that she was just of below average intelligence-my, were they surprised to find she has a very high IQ indeed but is severely dyslexic!