Thursday, January 25, 2007

Campaign Workshops

From Fiona N, who amongst many others is doing stirling campaign work on the DfES's "light touch changes to monitoring of Home Educators", we hear that:

"Annette Taberner (chair of Sheffield HE Network) and I, Fiona Nicholson, are running a pilot workshop in Sheffield on Sunday 28th January 2007, from 11-3 at Heeley Institute S2 3DT.

Phil Hicks the Chair of the Education Otherwise Government Policy Group will also be there, along with an experienced local journalist who has worked for government media departments in Leeds and who will be explaining how to work with the media and get them on your side. There will also be a social worker explaining the impact of Every Child Matters agenda at local level. This social worker is a local home educating parent.

Creche facilities available.


There will be other EO regional workshops along similar lines in the Tyne and Wear area and in the vicinity of Bromley in Kent.

All three workshops will have at least one member of the EO Government Policy Group to present a brief (ish ) overview of the situation and to answer questions from the floor.


To volunteer or communicate your views to the EO Government Policy Group please use the email"

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