Friday, January 12, 2007

Who is Responsible for Determining the Nature of a Suitable Education? The Argument in 2007.

From Lord Adonis, (the Schools Minister), we hear that:

"The state does not currently prescribe what form of education parents should provide, whilst all maintained and independent school provision is prescribed in legislation and subject to inspection. This anomaly is at odds with Every Child Matters reforms, supported by the Children Act 2004, which set out the Government's aim to improve educational outcomes for all children, regardless of where they are educated, and to narrow the gap between those who are doing well and those who are not."

Ok, so here goes! Let us go down that potentially rocky road which deals with the issue of who is responsible for what, shall we, Lord Adonis?

I would argue that in the act of determining what kind of education can take place, and in the act of delegating the responsibility to provide such an education to our children, the state would ultimately be entirely responsible for the education of our children. How could it be otherwise? If something goes horribly wrong with the education of a child when they are being educated as the state prescribes and delegates, then who is ultimately responsible for this failure?

The answer seems clear. It is the state who must answer the case.

So Lord Adonis, if you make us, we will do exactly what you say. We will make our children follow your educational prescriptions, but it will fail a significant proportion of them (just as it does in schools). Indeed, I can very confidently predict that it will fail at least one of my children SO badly that I will come after you to prove that it is your responsibility that his education has not worked for him. You may try to screw us on the basis of provision, but when we are forced to do your bidding, it seems almost impossible to see how you won't escape culpability when we screw you for responsibility for an unsuitable form and content of education.

That is not an empty threat. We will do it if we have to.

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