Monday, June 15, 2009

The BBC on the Education Budget

The proposals for home education get a mention.


"the Department for Children, Schools and Families was told in last April's Budget that it had to find an extra £650 million savings in 2010-11 on top of value-for-money savings that had already been set."

Presumably this was before the Badman recommendations had been considered. If the recommendations are implemented, it looks as if the DCSF is going to need to find even more than £650 million in savings, as what little money that is left in the pot is diverted into scrutinising perfectly healthy families who would otherwise be making a huge saving for the education budget by not sending their children to schools and by coping with a huge number of children with Special Educational Needs, who would otherwise cost a great deal more than the average child to educate in the school system.

And they're going to have to cost for all the non-compliance against Badman's draconian suggestions.

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