Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Parliamentary Debate on Home Education tabled for Tuesday 9 June at 1pm in Westminster Hall. It has been called for by Conservative MP Mark Field who discussed home education in the last paragraph here.

Home educators, including children, are also welcome to go along. It doesn't look as if you need to book.


Apparently there are about 25 seats available on a first come first served basis. Children welcome.

The debate will also be shown on the Parliament Channel (will check for times), and will last half an hour.

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Clare said...

That sounds really interesting - thanks for the heads up. I think I get the Parliamentary channel so will try and video it.

Reading Mark Field's spiel it doesn't sound like he is "anti" homeschooling: "There is more of a disincentive to go down the route of home education, yet some of our most dedicated parents are deciding to educate their children in that way, which in many ways should be welcomed in relation to choice and diversity. The only downside is that it is often a reflection of parents' despair about the quality of education offered by the state."

I couldn't work out whether he thought social services should be more involved or not?