Saturday, June 13, 2009

Landline Numbers for the DCSF and Write to Your MP

If you are trying to ring the DCSF to make a comment, complaint or whatever about the Home Education Report, the alternative to the 0870 000 2288 number is: 01928 794446

If you require a paper copy of the "Home Education - Registration and Monitoring Proposals" consultation to be posted to you (at cost to the DCSF), then the number to call is: 01623 724503

It is also very easy to write to your own MP via The site even checks up on whether your MP has replied, in order to make sure that they do.

PLEASE do write to explain your views on the Badman Review of Home Education. Amongst other things, it might be helpful to point them in the direction of Lord Adonis's comments on the issue of the problematic nature of a child's positive right to an education, which can be copied from here.

It might also be interesting to ask the government if they do intend to breach the Human Rights Act, Protocol 1, Article 2, whereby

"...the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions."

If you have a Tory MP, you might like to mention that Mark Field MP and Lord Lucas have both recently spoken on the subject of the HE review in Westminster.

If an MP gets one letter about a situation, they will look at it; if three people from the same constituency raise the same concern, they really will pay attention.

Please take five minutes to write to your MP.


Maire said...

Thanks Carlotta, I will be requesting a paper copy, so will my children, friends and relations.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Mark Fields yesterday and he replied same day! He says he has had a lot of responses to his debate.
We mustn't forget to thank those who are with us as well as try and persuade those who aren't.

There's a link on my blog to his latest statement on the review btw.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carlotta, it's useful to have the information on how to get a paper copy of the review for my mum, in laws, sister, brother, friends, I'll be passing it on to them

Alice Thomas said...
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