Monday, June 15, 2009

Lord Lucas seeking comments from home educators on the Badman report and the government's reaction to it.


Jax said...

he's getting them, hope he is enjoying them!

Elizabeth said...

I sent mine in--and posted it to my blog.

Anonymous said...

This is what I sent to Ralph Lucas:

Lord Lucas,

I have no idea what having "... an amendment on the subject down for the Apprenticeships bill" means, but I can safely say this about it; whatever amendment you table, whatever legislation is voted on, we will not, under any circumstances, obey anything that results from the Graham Badman review of Home Education.

I understand from comments here that you are friendly towards Home Education, thank you for that, but it is frankly outrageous that we have to rely on the good will of members of both houses to retain and exercise our God given rights.

Bloggers and commenters have thoroughly explained why this review is absurd on its face, so I will not repeat their views here. I advise you to use Google and find them for yourself, instead of waiting for people to deliver the facts to you.

This review should never have happened. Its conclusions are flawed, and HMG has no moral right to implement them, any more than it has the moral right to arbitrarily kidnap children or kill people on a whim.

None of us are relying on the political process to protect our rights and safeguard our families. It is abundantly clear that this sham government is hostile to every family in Britain, and that it does not care in any way about the opinions or rights of the individual.

I assure you that these proposals are going to fail spectacularly; you may convey to your evil colleagues in both houses who oppose us and desire that we deliver up our children to be abused by them that they should consider themselves put on notice. We will not allow ourselves and our way of life to be arbitrarily destroyed by the extension into the law the prejudices of two corrupt men.

Anonymous said...

Now Ralph Lucas is asking HErs what sort of controls they want. I think he is VERY confused, and said as much:

Lord Lucas,

You appear to be confused.

On the one hand, you claim that you are outraged that Home Educators should be singled out for inspection (and by extension, registration), but then in the same breath, you propose as 'constructive' threads about how we can submit to these very same outrages.

You assume that Local Authorities should assess Home Education. This is a false assumption; Local Authorities have no business assessing Home Education or Home Educators. They have no right to know how many there are, what they are doing, where they are living or anything else about them. They are private people going about their own business, taking monies from no one and interfering with no person.

Local Authorities should not be fielding inspectors, no matter who trains them, to interfere in the private affairs of families. Your suggestion that Education Otherwise trained inspectors could be brought into play is a clear attempt to create a salve to soothe the raging pure anger felt by Home Educators. That you can suggest this as a 'reasonable compromise' demonstrates only that your own morality and sense of right and wrong are fatally compromised.

Saying that parents should have 'supporters' during assessment is like saying that violence against the person is OK as long as someone is there to 'support' the victim while it is taking place. The very idea is insulting and nauseating.

As for an appeals system, where things are operating as they should be, i.e. that Home Educators are undisturbed and unmolested, and there are no rules and regulations governing them, there would be no need for any appeals system. It is disturbing that you suggest that people should appeal to authority for their most basic of rights.

It is clear from this post that you have no concept of what true liberty is, or what being a libertarian means. Liberty is not divisible, and libertarians do not so easily compromise their basic beliefs.

I see that you "Voted strongly against introducing ID cards". It seems odd to me that after having shown some insight about ID Cards that you are now moderately FOR the mandatory registering of a group of people.

Once again, this points to some confusion in your thinking. But no matter. Home Educators are a hornet's nest that an ignorant man has discovered far away from his home, that he decides to poke a stick into. We are going to come out, stings exposed to punish this man who would dare disturb us in our homes for no good reason.

I suggest to you that you stop shilling for Graham Badman, Ed Balls and Education Otherwise, the latter being a quite despicable bunch of people whose sole aim today seems to be to ensure that they secure well paid government jobs for themselves managing Home Educators. We do not accept them, we do not accept this report, and we do not accept anyone that suggests that we should allow ourselves to be violated by the state or its proxies as a compromise.