Saturday, June 27, 2009

Centralisation in Education Doesn't work

Why, just when the government is having to admit that centralisation of education fails in schools, do they then propose to centralise the system with regard to home educators?

Honestly, how were these people educated?


Anonymous said...

very good to see that article - but as she says so ****annoying that they were so stupid in the first place!

Firebird said...

They haven't admitted anything. All they're doing is fiddling with the details, they're still evil control freaks.

Mike said...

If the current political talk results in less prescription, more freedom and a more human face to our state schools that would be great, but I suspect it will make no difference. The politicians will move swiftly on to the next initiative - it's what they do.

From what Jenni Russell says you might assume the government has come over all benign, but from lots of policy angles (including home-ed, public schools and university admissions) this just isn't so. I agree with firebird - they haven't admitted anything.

No, it looks as if "the department whose controlling and centralising instincts would have been applauded in a Soviet state" has not finished taking more power unto itself just yet. If anything, this Government are, and continue to be, a serious threat to our liberty.

Leo said...

They were forced to do a lot of tests where questions had a lot of alineas and they had to justify their answers.