Friday, June 19, 2009

Ed Balls and his Expenses

We have to take instruction on how we should raise our children from this man?


Anonymous said...

My OH also did a quick analysis of his expenses published yesterday:

Nothing too major, except that he has blanked out many of his receipts. What is he trying to hide??? Speaks volumes!

Poppy Wreath - £18.00
Poppy Wreath x 2 £33.00
Docklands Trading Post – everything blanked out. Why? £89.10
Buildings Insurance on a rented property. Usually it's the landlord who has to
pay buildings insurance on a property isn't it? £321.90
Sponsor a football club – then claim it back off the taxpayer!
Sponsor of Ossett Town Football club - £50
Sponsor of Ossett Town Football club - £120
He went on various IT training courses with "Computing for Labour" a branch of
the Labour Party yet still had thousands of pounds of claims for IT consultancy.
Office Products receipt where all the items are blanked out – why? If they are
office products, what is he trying to hide - £175.77
One receipt from Vodafone shows he is claiming for 2 mobile phones. Why 2?
Glitter (yes glitter!!) - £1.30
Gift Tags - £1
Reasons to be Cheerful - £7.99
Brass Plaque and Plinth - £105 (what for?)
Nearly £2000 on 3 office desks. Of course, all of top grade quality.

Carlotta said...

Thanks Anon. It appears to go right through the whole gamut, from home flipping to phone flipping!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's ironic, isn't it? Our standards have to be sky-high: we have to be perfect, yet this lot can do what they like and show a distinct lack of moral fibre.

A case of Do as I say not as I do.


Anonymous said...

LOL - thanks. He did also seem to spend a lot of money at Asda getting photo's developed.

He also spent a lot of money advertising in newspapers in his constituency. Pages and pages almost every week. Fine if you are advertising things like surgery times etc, but there was a lot and and one wonders if he wasn't just blowing his own trumpet: "look at me, aren't I great" type of thing.

The problem is that they were blanked out why - so once again, you wonder what is he trying to hide!

Shirl said...
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Shirl said...

It doesn't surprise me at all.

Shirl x